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International Credit Reports

International Credit Reports

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Credit information on over 230 million companies worldwide

Creditsafe is the world’s most used provider of company credit reports and holds business information on over 240 million companies worldwide. All of these reports are available instantly online.

Trading overseas can open lucrative revenue streams for your business however it is not without risk. Creditsafe helps minimise risk when trading internationally by providing comprehensive international company credit information on any business in the world.

In the instance that we cannot provide you with an instant online report we will conduct a fresh investigation and will prodivde the report to you within 2- 10 working days.

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Reports available instantly online:

Asia / Pacific

Armenia Flag Armenia India India  Myanmar Taiwan Taiwan
Australia Australia  Indonesia Nepal Nepal  Tajikistan
 Azerbaijan  *Japan  New Zealand  Thailand
Bangladesh Bangladesh  Kazakhstan Pakistan Pakistan  Turkmenistan
 Cambodia  Kyrgyzstan  Singapore  Uzbekistan
 China  Laos South Korea South Korea  Vietnam 
 Georgia  Malaysia Sri Lanka Sri Lanka  

* Coming Soon


Albania Albania  France France  Lithuania Lithuania  Russia Russia 
Austria Austria  Germany Germany  Luxembourg Luxembourg Serbia Serbia 
 Belarus   Greece  Macedonia Macedonia  Slovakia Slovakia 
Belgium Belgium  Greenland Greenland Malta Malta  Slovenia Slovenia 
Bosnia Bosnia & Herzegovina Hungary Hungary  Moldova Moldova  Spain Spain
Bulgaria Bulgaria  Iceland  Montenegro Montenegro  Sweden Sweden 
Croatia Croatia  Ireland Ireland  Holland Netherlands Switzerland Switzerland 
Czech Republic Czech Republic Italy Italy  Norway Norway  Ukraine Ukraine  
Denmark Denmark Kosovo Kosovo   Poland Poland  UK United Kingdom 
Estonia Estonia Latvia Latvia Portugal Portugal   
Finland Finland Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Romania Romania   

Middle East


Latin America

Brazil Brazil      
Mexico Mexico      
 Puerto Rico      

North America

Canada Canada      
USA United States      

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