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Why Use Business Information?

Why Use Business Information?

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What you need to know..

Here are some reasons why you should use business information

Creditsafe are more than just a credit checking company. The information we provide can be used in numerous ways across many departments of your business.  

Reduce Risk

19,067 companies entered insolvency in 2015. Not just small companies either, understand the businesses you deal with and the market you operate in.

Check on new and existing customers

Make sure your customers can pay you. Our credit ratings give you a quick and accurate rating which helps give you a bigger picture view of how a company is performing as well as how much credit they should be allowed.

Check on suppliers

Ensure you don’t get left without stock, check suppliers are financially stable to make sure you can fulfill your customer’s orders and maintain a good reputation.

Appraise investments

Evaluate companies you’re thinking of investing in or partnering with.


Find new customers

Our data can help you find new customers domestically and internationally with information on over 230 million companies worldwide.

Find out what your competitors are up to

See how well your competitors are performing and view media documents to see what they are up to.

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