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Creditsafe 3D Ledger

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Creditsafe’s 3D Ledger is an interactive Risk Management Tool that integrates your sales ledger with Creditsafe’s business data and trade payment data to give your business all the information required for you to make smarter business decisions.

Using 3D Ledger will not only help you reduce the risk of bad debt throughout your sales ledger but can also be used as a ledger profiling tool. By analysing days beyond terms (DBT) you can easily identify industries and geographical locations that present a risk to your business.

How will 3D Ledger help my business?

Anticipate and reduce risk – By integrating Creditsafe’s Rating and Limit with your own data you can work out where the majority of your risk lies and 3D Ledger can alert you to the companies that hold the most risk. Knowing where the risk lies puts you in a much better position to not only manage this risk but also help you avoid these risks in the future.

Prioritise your collections strategy – When you are developing a collections strategy it vital that your balance your risk and exposure. You may have customers that owe you money but represent a very low risk or you may have customers that always pay on time but have suffered a drop in their Credit Rating and Limit and have stopped paying their other creditors on time. 3D Ledger can help identify these companies thus ensuring your collections strategy is targeting the right customers. 

Profile and analyse your Ledger – Do you know what your customers look like? Are the majority of your customers in a certain industry or location? 3D Ledger can be used to expose your best and worst payers and identify opportunities within your ledger.

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