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Business Credit Reports

Business Credit Reports


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Who are you really dealing with?

Understanding the financial status of the businesses you deal with can make the difference between your company’s success and failure. Using Creditsafe’s online business credit reports you can appreciate the big picture and make informed decisions on a business in seconds.

At Creditsafe we understand that time is money. As a primary provider of company information, we take a multitude of data from official sources such as The Companies Registration Office, The Registry Trust, Gazette Information and Companies House (UK data) and combine this with the information held within the Creditsafe database to provide the data in a concise and digestible format allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Creditsafe Credit Rating – Most Predictive in the Industry

Included within all Creditsafe Business Credit Reports is our credit rating. Our rating is calculated taking over 15 parameters into consideration and predicts the likelihood of a company entering insolvency within the 12 months. This rating has been developed by our in-house team of credit experts and is the most predictive in the credit industry. For example we predict over 70% of insolvencies 12 months prior to insolvency.

Payment Data

Understanding the payment behaviour of your customers is vital to ensuring a healthy financial status. For this reason Creditsafe now include payment data (where available) in our business credit reports. In fact, on average 1 in 2 reports viewed online with Creditsafe contain trade payment information.

Creditsafe’s Business Credit Reports include as standard:

  • Credit Rating and Limit
  • 5 Years’ Accounts
  • Full Directors Information
  • Group Structure
  • CJ Information
  • Payment Data (where applicable)
  • Safe Alerts - which help you detect potentially suspicious activity

Why Use Creditsafe’s Business Credit Reports?

  • Freedom Access across all 3 Product Packages – We do not charge per report
  • Primary Data Provider – As a primary data source our data is as up to date as possible
  • No Tiered Reports – Get all the relevant information in the one report thus avoiding any hidden charges
  • Approved by Leading Irish Credit Insurers – As an approved source it means that credit insurance policyholders can utilise our recommended "today’s" credit limits up to their policy discretionary limit
  • Free Training – As with all our products with all our products we offer free online training

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